wE aRTiSTS haVe aLL tHe FreeDOM, tHe CreaTIVE PoWeR tO iNStiTute chANge iN OuR TroubLED sOCIety

I am dedicating the Virgin Collection of Fine Arts to the public, to my students, my friends, my family and my very talented son Christopher Gabor Brindzik, as a sample of art education. In this, the public witnesses the development of an artist at the beginning of the 21st century, and sees how life and art are interconnected and understand how thoughts, ideas, feelings, manifest in art.

For the last ten years hundreds and hundreds of students have come to my Adult Education classes and told me they always wanted to study art but . . . I noticed the big gap between the public and the contemporary artist, being one myself. The public has misconceptions about contemporary art and artists. I feel responsible as an artist to educate the public about what artists are doing today and why we call it art. Since creativity is innate and everyone has the need to express it, the question is what way does society want to develop its creativity? Does it embrace a truly humanitarian future?

To ensure the well being of our future generations we should give every child in the United States of America the equal opportunity to art education supported by the government.

The collection consists of existing, non-existing, and damaged art pieces. Old and recent art works will be added to the collection. I am willing to recreate some of the installations for the collection.

I reserve the right to finalize the content of the collection.